I cannot believe it is 2015. I have recently started reading through my old journals (starting in 2002) and am in total shock that it was 10 years ago that I started university. So much has happened since then and I find such hope in the fact that God has completely changed me. As I’ve thought about what 2015 will be like, what will happen this year, what we are looking forward to and preparing for, what our hopes are…I just keep coming back to this conclusion:

“I don’t know what what’s ahead, but God You do, so lead me on!”

It’s actually so refreshing and freeing to not have a plan…who would have thought?! 🙂 This is a song I have been praying for the last couple weeks by one of my Bethel favourites. I hope you enjoy!

Here’s a little glimpse of 2014 🙂

We’ve lived with our housemate for over two years now and love her more than ever 🙂 We’ve also gained two more!



We got to take a lovely trip to the States to visit family and dear friends


Dennis Fun

We’ve gotten to watch our wee church family grow and move from our living room into a building!


Refuge Church



We got to go on holiday to see the west coast of Scotland (beautiful)


We celebrated 4 years married (Woo-Hoo)


We got to witness our good friends get married


We’ve gotten to get to know some other good friends


We got to see our oldest brother get married to the lovely Anna 🙂

PeteAnna Wedding


And we’ve just enjoyed God’s goodness to us in life 🙂



How cute are these wee babes?!


           Bring on 2015!


Welcome 2015

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