We’re Back!


Wow, I cannot believe how long I have let it go before writing a post! Totally shocking! I apologise to anyone who was hoping to use this blog as means to know what is going on in our lives. Sadly, when our life gets busy, this blog is the first thing to get neglected. Anyway, here we are again. Hope you haven’t forgotten about us! And, as you can imagine, MUCH has happened which I am delighted to inform you of ๐Ÿ™‚ But first, here are a few photos from the last year of life in Glasgow.

Farmer’s Market

Farmer's Market



The Scottish countryside is SO beautiful!

AliHorse1 AliHorse2

Backyard bonfires = Alisdair’s fave ๐Ÿ™‚

Fire Pit

Recent World Cup BBQ – Ali getting his meat fix!


And, I’m sure it’s no surprise but we’ve been cooking up lots of yummy foods. Here’s some of the latest:

Home-made veggie pizzas


Grilled Seabass with potatoes and asparagus

Seabass Pot

Grilled salmon with potatoes and wilted kale


Tabbouleh, falafel, and pita


Mixed greens with chickpeas, mushrooms, avocado and tomato with home-made dressing


Curried salmon with purple sprouting broccoli and curried mashed cauliflower


Home-made blueberry jam (so good!) and whole-wheat scones


Sea Trout with roasted potatoes, broccoli and beetroot


Blueberry Scones

Blueberry Scones

Open-face wrap with raw summer veg and hummus, so colourful!

Veggie Wrap

So anyway, now that that is finished, on to the events from the last year. In order to keep things brief I will just update on a few different areas of our lives with the hopes of filling you in on the gaps in the near future (fingers crossed!):

1. Church – Last I shared we were really enjoying getting totally stuck in at Re:Hope church while also praying about opportunities to help start a church. We knew of a couple who were planning on starting a church in Glasgow who had just moved over from the States. So as soon as they arrived we scouted them out and found that we had a lot of similar desires for starting a church in Scotland. So after chatting with them, we prayed and felt like God was leading us to help start this church with them. That was back in August of 2013. We starting meeting in their home with a few other couples just praying and reading a book together and now we have grown to about 30 – 35 people (11 of which are kids!). Here’s a wee photo of some of our church members when we were out one day baptising one of the kids:

Refuge Church

We meet each Sunday in our house (more on this later) and worship God through song, hear a teaching from the Bible and pray together. Quite often we feast too; we are really good at feasting together. It’s been really fun to be a part of starting a church in Scotland and quite different in a lot of ways than it was starting a church in Austin. I was so grateful for Re:Hope as we had quickly found a family there and learned and grew a lot spiritually, but we look forward to and hope for even more of the same in this next season with Refuge Church.

2. Work – As I mentioned in my last post I started working a full-time temporary post which initially was meant to be for four months but turned into a year and 2 months! It was really great fun, and the perfect way to get to know the culture and build friendships as I worked in an office full of girls my age. I loved it but our lives began to become more about surviving so that we can work rather than working in order to do ministry which is what we really feel led by God to do. So, my contract ended at the end of June 2014 and at the moment I haven’t taken up anything else. Thus the reason I have time to write a blog ๐Ÿ™‚ We are praying about whether or not I will take up some part-time work but are taking a couple months to pray and see what God says. So, just now I spend my days taking care of the home, taking all of that work off of Ali’s plate, which I am so grateful for. And we spend our evenings and weekends with people which is awesome! In other news, Ali has started a new job. This was such an answer to prayer as this job allows us to live off of one salary for now and provides a new challenge for Alisdair as he helps people who are on benefits get back into work (or to work for the first time). We are looking forward to this new season very much as we re-organise our time and efforts in the way that we feel God leading (more on this in future posts).

3. Home – As soon as Refuge Church figured out where in Glasgow they were going to plant themselves we moved straight away. As mentioned before, we feel it really important for us to be in as close proximity as possible to the church we are a part of. We have this as a priority so that our lives won’t be too spread out and so we can focus our efforts more on the people in that surrounding area. So, because this church is going to be located in the south side of Glasgow we began looking for a place right away. And of course, God provided something for us quite miraculously and quickly just to show us that it is Him! The story in brief is that our friend owned a house on the south side and was going to rent it out as he was moving to Italy for a year as a missionary. Whenever we first visited our friend in this house, we loved it and thought to ourselves, “we would love to live in this house” but immediately cast the thought aside as we lived and churched in the west end of Glasgow. But when we learned that our new church would be south side and this house became available all of a sudden it made sense. So, we moved in! It’s a rather spacious 4 bedroom house which is obviously much too big for just the two of us so we were delighted that our friend Libby is still willing to put up with us and have even invited in another friend called Jen. We’ve also had two different foreigners living with us for various lengths of time and get to host family and friends quite often. It’s such a blessing from God and we sometimes can’t believe we live here.

Well, as you can see much has happened and those are just the highlights! I am hoping to fill in some of the gaps soon as I now have more time to keep up this blog so keep your eyes peeled for more in the near future ๐Ÿ™‚



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